05 Dec 2020

Sabarimala the abode of War Lord and renaisance.

Hindus across were surprised to see Sabarimala agitation in Kerala. Lakhs of Hindu women came out to hit the streets against anti Hindu communist government's arrogant step on Sabarimala rituals. Pluralism is a word which is unfamiliar to liberals. According to them pluralism means accepting islam or embracing anti National activities only. They are not aware of different school of thoughts associated with Sanatan Dharma and its numerous aspects.

Sabarimala is the abode of War Lord Ayyappa. He established Kalaris (Kerala martial arts which is believed to be found by Lord Parasurama) across the state. He established it in prominent Nair Ezhava families who had financial capacity to maintain them. And the protection of this land was made their responsibility. And so He is called as Kerala Rakshak (Saviour of Kerala). During the agitation we saw it becoming true.

We all know the famous Makara Vilakku at Sabarimala is always blessed by Brahminic Kite which takes 3 rotation above the crowd. Whenever the agitation starts, Brahminic Kite started over appearing us. Its still a miracle for us. Dont know from where it comes. But be it in Pathanamthitta, Be it in Thiruvananthapuram or wherever it will come flying over us when a procession was about to start.

Yes, Our War Lord was leading the Command. And such a war is one we never going to lose.


Why Sabarimala is targeted by anti Hindus ??

Since 1950s Sabarimala is being continously targeted in one or other way. Reason is Sabarimala is one of the biggest centers of Hindu unity. It is the main obstacle before the religious conversion mafia. Most number of Devotees who visit Sabarimala belongs to SC community and OBC community. Since centurues it is like that. Once when the holy chain is worn, all the Devotees becomes equal. All are called Ayyappa. All caste barriers disappear there. And there is a group who doesnt like it. That is the religious conversion mafia who tries to benefit from all the possible split inside Hindus.

Sabarimala is one religious place which attracts Devotees from all South Indian States. The conversion mafia puts all efforts to convert people in this region. But at the end of every year when Sabarimala season starts the same people whom were they converying will wear the sacred chain and will leave for Sabarimala putting the year long effort of these mafias in vain.

So why they targeting Sabarimala. In 1950s itself they started this. They tried to set ablaze Sabarimala first. Then they tried to put a cross in Nilaykal forest land and tried to grab the place. Same like Tiruppathy hills for Tiruppathy Bhagvan, Sabarimala forest land is also considered territory of Lord Ayyappa. When they placed a cross inside that, they are encroaching into His territory. Ayyappa Devotees came out in huge numbers and defended that move. It happened in 1980s. Exactly 3 decades after they tried to set ablaze Temple.

Again after 3 decades they attacked Sabarimala. This time through Court order. They went to Supreme Court and presented Sabarimala tradition as a question of gender equality. But not even a single believer woman came to Sabarimala. Instead they all came out to streets protesting against Kerala govt's harsh and arrogant moves to break the tradition and destroy the sanctity. Perhaps it would be the biggest Hindu movement in this Century. Around 25 lakhs women were out there on streets to fight for Ayyappa. They all were ready to die for Ayyappa Swamy.

And finally govt bowed down before the determination of Devotees.

Now it seems it is now turn of Ayyappa Swamy. Kerala govt couldnt rest peacefully after that. Communist Party State secretary's both sons are in big danger. One is facing legal action on woman atrocity issue and other one is in jail for funding narcotic business. Govt is hurling in serious allegations of gold smuggling and many other scams.

Now the Hindus of Kerala has a job in hand. It is to finish the anti Hindu elements of Kerala. And we are at it.

By Pratheesh Viswanathan   •   
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Ashwin   •   13/12/2020

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