25 Jun 2020

Narendra Modi and rise of Hindu Nationalism..

Many asks what has changed after Narendra Modi coming to power. Well, it brought a lot of change in approach of even secular politicians towards Hindus. We could see even the opposition party leaders also joining the race to become a Hindu face. The classic examples are Shashi Tharoor and Arvind Kejriwal. Tharoor written a book 'Why I am a Hindu' to prove his Hinduness and Kejriwal is still fighting for Hanuman idol. I will say they both are small examples when compared to 'janue dhari Brahmin' - Rahul ji.

Before 2014 the same race were seen to appease muslims. Can anybody show me one picture of any of these opposition leaders wearing a skull cap after 2014 ?? Thats the difference Narendra Modi made. It all started from that 'Sadbhavana' Satyagraha in Gujarat in 2013. Modi ji was gifted a skull cap. He humbly rejected it. Honestly it was a trap laid for Modi ji. If he accepted it, then a single picture of him wearing a skill cap could have easily dented his 'Hindu Nationalist' image and could have made him an ordinary politician who is ready to do anything for power. But the message he given to whole country was, I am a Hindu and I can respect you as it is only. No need for any fancy dress or compromise to prove secular or appease.

Similar message he given through cancelling iftar parties sponsered by PMO and government. It gave out a strong message to Hindu organisations across the Country. No appeasement needed. Yes we are Hindu Natiinalists and we dont have to sit with an ideology which killed our forefathers.

When he assigned office the very first thing he done was to stop foreighn funding of suspected NGOs which never kept accountability. In fact these NGOs were only fund raising platforms for mass religious conversions. Those who travelled in Kerala before and after 2014 can identify the difference. Before 2014 mass prayer campaigns and prayer healings were a common sight. For 6 years it almost stopped.

The second thing that happened was the promotion of Yoga. I still remember headline of a malayalam daily Mathrubhumi after first ever Yoga day. 'Bharat leading, World bowing'. That was a welcome strategy to advertise merrits of Hinduism before the world. He is always like that. Hope you all remember the time he chose to make his first American visit. It was during a Navaratri. Indian Prime Ministers travel to Ameeica was hitting headlines across the world and media across the world were writing stories regarding the visit. And the main story was Indian PM is fasting and wont have food for 9 days and just surviving on lemon juice. A major discusssion happened on how the very famous Dinner at White House will happen if Indian PM is fasting. That is how he marketed Hinduism.

Personally I had a feeling that above such advertising of Hinduism he is not going to do the major things like Ram Mandir. But he proved me wrong when he beaitifully started all those agendas including scrapping 370, bringing Ram Mandir and executing CAA. We know it was a herculian task to do atleast one amoung this. For 70 years our politicians couldnt do anything among this and with in some 180 days of his second term he has finished all this. We cant forget the contribution of Amit Bhai to all this. A king is never complete without a good general and Amit bhai just proved to be the most efficient general and coined his name along with Great Sardar Vallabhai Patel, another Gujarati, because of whom we all are Indians.

The result is visible. The left-jihadi nexus has joined hands together now. They understood their existence is in danger as a Hindu Nationalistic wave resurged in our Nation. And so they both joined together. Now the left is trying to sterilize the Hindu community by propogating ''modernisation''. On other hand they are appeasing and helping to implement agendas of Islam.

In fact this modernisationn is never a contribution of lefts. And Hindu community always encouraged science and philosophy. Great sages like Kanada, Aryabhatta and medical vizards like Sushruta Maharshi etc.. were part of our Dharma. But our younger generation is not much aware about that. So they may fall into this trap. So I think we should bring necessary changes in our education sector also. They are trying to bring a fake narrative about our ancestory and we should make efforts in education system to counter that narrative and instill pride amoung coming generations.

By Pratheesh Viswanathan   •   
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യഥാർത്ഥ സമാജ സേവകൻ ഞങ്ങളുടെ സ്വന്തം പ്രതീഷ് ചേട്ടൻ

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Good Work

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Thank u for shareing d information sir.iam looking forward frm you even more sir,Bharth mathaki jai

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Quite informative and revealing

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Nice observation... thank you for giving an insight into this matter..

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Mistakes are there hope you will correct it .. Anyway great initiative!!

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We are with you. We are one.

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Good initiative. Congratulations Pratheesh Ji.

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Appreciate your courageous and selfless efforts

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Very good start and good write up. Keep writing Best wishes.

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Nammuda Chakkara Muthu

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Whatever your effort dear brother 'Kerala Shivaji🔥.. I will be there.. Jai Seetharam..🙏

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Good work

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A powerful legacy of Hindu empowerment works

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All the best Chetta. Very good initiative. 🚩

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Appreciate your courage & bold writing. Will be there to support u in all ur endeavors.

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Pratheeshji all the best

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Best wishes

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Good analysis. But Minority ministry is still working. It should be abolished

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Pratheesh ,pls use plugins to remove highly obnoxious/toxic comments by 'peaceful' goons/Jihadists.

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ഹിന്ദുത്വം വിജയിക്കട്ടെ

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Continue your good work 👏

MANNAT   •   01/07/2020

There should be a change in the Indian education system. We support you Pratheesh ji

MANNAT   •   01/07/2020

There should be a change in the Indian education system. We support you Pratheesh ji

Binu Lekshman   •   03/07/2020

All the best Pratheeshetta

Binu Lekshman   •   03/07/2020

All the best Pratheeshetta

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Selfless strong personality serving needy society.

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Pratheeshji thank you 🙏